Our Mission

GNR Québec Capital contributes to the development and operation of renewable natural gas production projects in Québec. By combining financing and an advisory approach, GNR Québec Capital is a key partner in creating a circular economy and promoting Québec’s energy transition.

GNR Québec Capital is an innovative investment fund that provides developers access to capital and expertise in project financing in order to develop and operate facilities that treat and convert organic waste into renewable natural gas and biofertilizers.

Our role is to equitably support different types of organic waste transformation projects in key sectors (agricultural waste, industrial waste, municipal waste, and sewage sludge), by providing coaching and financial support.

How GNR Québec Capital can help you

We give our partners access to the capital and consulting services they need to develop and operate efficient and profitable facilities.

GNR Québec Capital supports a circular economy by securing a long-term supply of energy and fertilizer products, while accelerating the decarbonization of waste management to comply with the new environmental regulations announced by the Québec government.

By supporting the development of innovative projects from conception to commercialization, GNR Québec Capital creates new economic development and employment opportunities for local communities, as well as new sources of income for farmers, municipalities, and industries across the province.

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