Projets industriels



Certain industrial sectors generate large quantities of organic residues which require treatment and can be advantageously used for anaerobic digestion projects.
Projets industriels - GNR Québec Capital

Food processing activities particularly generate vast amounts of organic waste, whose methanogenic properties are extremely suitable for biogas upgrading treatment. This creates interesting opportunities for:

  • Cheese factories and dairies
  • Brewers, distilleries and wine merchants
  • Manufacturers of products rich in soluble sugars or starch
  • Canneries and other plant-based food production plants
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Seafood processing plants
  • Animal feed factories

Biogas upgrading enables agri-food professionals to:

  • Find a solution to managing organic waste.
  • Reduce GHG and/or methane emissions.
  • Join the ecological transition and promote a greener brand image.
  • Create a circular economy model.
  • Power infrastructures or inject RNG into the gas grid.
  • Avoid waste and lower operating costs.

As technology advances over time, organic waste from the forest industry could also become another promising source for biogas upgrading in the industrial sector.


GNR Québec Capital gives its partners access to the capital and consulting services they need to develop and operate efficient and profitable facilities.

RNG projects can be carried out under various legal and ownership structures. GNR Québec Capital can support professionals in the industrial sector, from project design to plant commissioning.


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