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The agricultural sector produces vast quantities of organic waste that can be upgraded to renewable natural gas (RNG), such as :
  • Green waste and crop residues
  • Livestock manure (liquid and solid manure)
Projets agricoles - GNR Québec Capital

Additionally, the residual digestate from the fermentation process in digesters has excellent fertilizing properties for agricultural land.

Biomethanation allows professionals in the agricultural sector to:

  • Find a solution for managing green waste and manure.
  • Increase revenues by selling RNG to the distribution grid.
  • Lower operating costs associated with the purchase of fuel.
  • Reduce GHG emissions from the use of fossil fuels.
  • Cut the methane emissions of stored waste.
  • Use or sell the digestate as a substitute for chemical fertilizers.
  • Decrease pathogens and odours created from storing and spreading manure.

RNG projects can take on various forms of public-private partnerships. GNRQC can support professionals in the agricultural sector, from the initial design of plans to final operation.

GNR Québec Capital gives its partners access to the capital and consulting services they need to develop and operate efficient and profitable facilities.

RNG projects can be carried out under various legal and ownership structures. GNR Québec Capital can support professionals in the agricultural sector, from project design to plant commissioning. 

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